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For February 6, 2005   
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The web polls on this site are a means of sharing information among Boston Chapter members. However, the web polls also serve as opinion polls on general topics and help to build an online community for members to share.

As such, the results of web polls are intended for the use of the Boston Chapter.

Should the Boston Chapter list links to the personal web sites of its members? (Web Poll 20; ran from June 16, 2001 to June 30, 2001)

Where would you prefer Boston chapter events be held? (Web Poll 21; ran from June 30, 2001 to July 21, 2001)

Should the Boston chapter web site provide an online community for its members? (Web Poll 22; ran from July 21, 2001 to August 11, 2001)

What should the link that displays the web site calendar be called? (Web Poll 23; ran from August 11, 2001 to September 1, 2001)

Where should sponsor information appear on the Programs Page? (Web Poll 24; ran from September 1, 2001 to September 22, 2001)

If you had the time, would you be willing to help the Boston chapter in some capacity? (Web Poll 25; ran from September 22, 2001 to October 13, 2001)

Would you be interested in attending a workshop on HTML taught by the chapter webmaster? (Web Poll 26; ran from October 13, 2001 to November 3, 2001)

In which local Special Interest Group (SIG) would you most like to participate? (Web Poll 27; ran from November 3, 2001 to November 24, 2001)

Which of the following best describes you? (Web Poll 28; ran from November 24, 2001 to December 15, 2001)

What is the ratio of writers to engineers at your company? (Web Poll 29; ran from December 15, 2001 to January 5, 2002)

Do you have the Flash plug-in installed in your browser? (Web Poll 30; ran from January 5, 2002 to January 26, 2002)

How do you deliver products to your customers? (Web Poll 31; ran from January 26, 2002 to February 16, 2002)

How often do you read the Broadside Online compared to the previously printed and mailed Broadside? (Web Poll 32; ran from February 16, 2002 to March 9, 2002)

Which of the following do you prefer? (Web Poll 33; ran from March 9, 2002 to March 30, 2002)

What screen resolution do you use to view the Boston Chapter web site? (Web Poll 34; ran from March 30, 2002 to April 20, 2002)

What is my primary reason for attending a program? (Web Poll 35; ran from April 20, 2002 to May 11, 2002)

How often do you access the job bank to view new job postings? (Web Poll 36; ran from May 11, 2002 to June 22, 2002)

My job title is (pick the closest): (Web Poll 37; ran from June 22, 2002 to July 21, 2002)

If you were seeking employment, would you use the member profile bank to post your profile? (Web Poll 38; ran from July 21, 2002 to August 3, 2002)

If a special needs SIG were started in our chapter would you be interested in participating? (Web Poll 39; from August 3, 2002 to August 24, 2002)

Before 1983, what was the Boston chapter newsletter called? (Web Poll 40; ran from August 24, 2002 to September 14, 2002)

Have you ever used the links on the Web Technology page in the chapter web site? (Web Poll 41; ran from September 14, 2002 to October 5, 2002)

How many times has the STC Annual Conference (under any of its various names) been held in Boston? (Web Poll 42; ran from October 5, 2002 to October 26, 2002)

How do you prefer to vote in STC elections? (Web Poll 43; ran from October 26, 2002 to December 7, 2002)

Which was the first college in the Boston area to offer a program in Technical Writing? (Web Poll 44; ran from December 7, 2002 to December 28, 2002)

How do like using Paypal? (Web Poll 45; ran from December 28, 2002 to January 18, 2003)

How many Broadside articles do you read or scan? (Web Poll 46; ran from January 18, 2002 to February 8, 2003)

In what year did women first comprise a majority of STC membership? (Web Poll 47; ran from Febuary 8, 2002 to February 22, 2003)

What is your highest professional degree? (Web Poll 48; ran from Febuary 22, 2002 to March 15, 2003)

Would you attend a STC Boston meeting held online? (Web Poll 49; ran from March 15, 2002 to April 12, 2003)

Would you like to see video clips of chapter events available from the web site? (Web Poll 50; ran from April 12, 2003 to May 3, 2003)

Which search engine do you use most? (Web Poll 51; ran from May 3, 2003 to May 24, 2003)

When talking about automotive vehicles, which spelling do you prefer? (Web Poll 52; ran from May 24, 2003 to June 14, 2003)

If an Employment SIG were started in our chapter would you be interested in participating? (Web Poll 53; ran from June 14, 2003 to July 26, 2003)

How many years of experience do you have in technical communication? (Web Poll 54; ran from July 26, 2003 to August 16, 2003)

Which of the following has your current or previous company done? (Web Poll 55; ran from August 16, 2003 to September 6, 2003)

Which format of the Boston Broadside do you prefer? (Web Poll 56; ran from September 6, 2003 to October 4, 2003)

How would you rate our ISP's service? (Web Poll 57; ran from October 4, 2003 to October 18, 2003)

What kind of connection do you typically use to access the Boston chapter web site? (Web Poll 58; ran from October 18, 2003 to November 8, 2003)

How do you feel about the chapter's mail list being hosted by Yahoo? (Web Poll 59; ran from November 8, 2003 to November 29, 2003)

How do you like the web site without down-drop menus? (Web Poll 60; ran from November 29, 2003 to December 20, 2003)

Which of the following STC offerings do you value the most? (Web Poll 61; ran from December 20, 2003 to January 10, 2004)

Would you attend the monthly program if the price was raised by $10? (Web Poll 62; ran from January 10, 2004 to January 31, 2004)

How long did it take for you to complete your last job search? (Web Poll 63; ran from January 31, 2004 to February 21, 2004)

How long have you been a member of STC? (Web Poll 64; ran from February 21, 2004 to March 13, 2004)

How would you feel if the web poll was replaced by a calendar of events? (Web Poll 65; ran from March 13, 2004 to April 3, 2004)

What is the most important skill for a technical communicator? (Web Poll 66; ran from April 3, 2004 to June 5, 2004)

Are you likely to attend a regional conference if it were held in Montreal? (Web Poll 67; ran from June 5, 2004 to July 3, 2004)

Have you entered an STC competition in the last three years? (Web Poll 68; ran from July 3, 2004 to July 24, 2004)

If a Technical Editing SIG were started in our chapter would you be interested in participating? (Web Poll 69; ran from July 24, 2004 to August 14, 2004)

If Consensus for the competitions were to be offered on a weeknight as well as on a Saturday morning, would you be more likely to judge a competition? (Web Poll 70; ran from August 14, 2004 to September 4, 2004)

Would you be willing to pay $10 extra to a member of the Boston chapter? (Web Poll 71; ran from September 4, 2004 to September 25, 2004)

Are you planning to join the Boston chapter or renew your membership? (Web Poll 72; ran from September 25, 2004 to October 16, 2004)

Would a web blog on the Boston chapter web site be a useful tool for you? (Web Poll 73; ran from October 16, 2004 to November 6, 2004)

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