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For December 10, 2004   
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The Boston Chapter gratefully posts the logo of organizations which donate money annually toward the upkeep of the Boston Chapter web site. The logos are posted on our Sponsors page and can be linked to a URL.

The Boston Chapter accepts two types of sponsorship: sustaining sponsors and targeted sponsorship.

Sustaining Sponsorship

Sustaining sponsorships from corporations or other organizations can help our Chapter fund and support the activities listed above and help us add new ones to meet our members' needs. Sustaining sponsorships are one-time expenses made to the Boston Chapter for use in our annual operating budget.

Sponsorship Tier Amount Sponsor Benefits
Silver $500
  • Recognition as a sponsor on our web site (corporate logo).
  • 2 free program attendances.
Gold $1,000
  • Recognition as a sponsor on our web site (corporate logo with link to URL).
  • 5 free program attendances.
Platinum $2,500
  • Recognition as a sponsor on our web site (corporate logo with link to URL).
  • 10 free program attendances.
  • 2 free workshop attendances.
  • Name listed as Platinum sponsor on Chapter mailings and publications.

Targeted Sponsorships

The Boston Chapter also offers opportunities for one-time sponsorships of events held during the year or for specific purposes within the range of Chapter activities.

Targeted Opportunity Amount Sponsor Benefits
Program Sponsor $250
  • Recognition as a program sponsor on our web site programs calendar (name listed).
  • 1 free program attendance.
  • Sponsor's table with literature and small display at the program.

Note: Multiple program sponsorships are generally available.

Web site Sponsor $300 Prominent recognition as a sponsor on our web site (corporate logo with link to URL).
Workshop Sponsor $500
  • Recognition as workshop sponsor on our web site programs calendar (name listed).
  • 1 free workshop attendance.

Note: Generally, there is one sponsor per workshop.

Competitions Sponsor $500
  • Recognition (with logo) as a Competitions2001 STACIES sponsor in all mailings, E-mail invitations, promotional materials, and the like used for the event
  • Recognition (with logo) as a sponsor on the banquet page of the Boston STC web site (
  • Listing as a sponsor on all postings at the event itself (posters, programs, etc.)
  • Public recognition at the banquet
  • One free ticket to attend the banquet event ($35 value!)
  • A table at the event to display promotional materials for your organization
  • Recognition at our end-of-year event in June 2002 for your support during the past year
Carol Landers Spirit of Volunteering Fund Sponsor Any
  • Recognition as sponsor on our web site (logo).
InterChange Conference Sponsor $600
  • Recognition as sponsor on both the web site (name) and in the Conference program listing.
  • Sponsor's table with literature and small display.

Sponsors should supply their logo as a 100 x 50 pixel GIF image (along with a URL, if desired) to the .

The Boston Chapter reserves the right to refuse or reject the sponsorship of any company or individual, and to reject links to URLs that are deemed inappropriate.

Logos are posted for one calendar year, generally starting in January. Sponsors who appear part-way through a year can have their logos posted for the remainder of the year, and a pro-rated minimum sponsorship can be arranged.

How to Become a Sponsor

We welcome new sponsors for the Boston Chapter of the STC. To find out more about sponsorships, or to become a sponsor, please contact the chapter president:

You can send sponsorship checks to:

Cindy Cookson
c/o ArchiText Inc.
23 Main Street, 3rd Floor
Andover, MA 01810

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