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The Boston Chapter provides the following Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for its members. To learn more about an upcoming SIG meeting, click one of the buttons.

Consulting and Independent Contracting

The Consulting and Independent Contracting (CIC) Special Interest Group is a group of individuals who provide technical communications services on a contract basis.


The International Special Interest Group (SIG) arranges presentations on localization and translation, including cultural and linguistic issues in translation, writing for an international audience, and localization and Translation tools.

Online Information

The Online Information Special Interest Group meets to discuss subjects relating to providing information online, online help, web sites, and authoring tools.


The AccessAbility SIG is dedicated to removing barriers that prevent access to the World Wide Web. The focus of the group is twofold - to raise awareness about these barriers to Web designers, and to provide information to assist individuals with functional disabilities.

Technical Editing

The Technical Editing (TE) special interest group meets to address matters related to technical editing.

Idea Watch

The Idea Watch SIG is a book club for technical writers and associated professionals. We meet monthly to discuss a book or article of our choosing, usually related to a current topic in technical communication. The format is a small-group discussion where we share our thoughts, ideas, experiences, and opinions on the current topic.

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