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For February 13, 2005   
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IdeaWatch is a book club for technical writers and associated professionals. We meet monthly to discuss a book or article of our choosing, usually related to a current topic in technical communication. The format is a small-group discussion where we share our thoughts, ideas, experiences, and opinions on the current topic.

Even if you have not had time to prepare by reading the monthly selection, you are still welcome to attend. However, please do understand that you and all the other attendees will get more out of the meeting if you take a little time to review the book.

To learn more about Idea Watch: visit our web site or join our online discussion list on Yahoo.

Upcoming Meetings

Watch this space for upcoming announcements.

Learn more about Idea Watch by visiting the Idea Watch web site.

Join the Idea Watch message board.

If you have questions, please contact SIG coordinator, Gaurang Kadakia at .

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