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For December 16, 2004   
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The Boston Chapter is providing a member profile/resume bank as a service to its members. The primary intent is to support members who are seeking employment by allowing them to post their contact information, job title and preferences, summary of skills and experience, and resume.

While the Boston Chapter investigates better ways to obtain and present this information, we will start with a simple (but limited) format. By doing this, we can:

  • support our members, particularly while the job market is slow
  • determine what information to request from our members in the submission form
  • decide how best to present the information on the web site
  • obtain feedback from job seekers, hiring managers, and employment agencies regarding this service

To add your information to the member profile/resume bank, login and use the submission form. This form is password protected. Note that the information you provide in the submission form will be searchable using the search functions of the web site and the viewer's browser. (Information in resumes submitted as HTML-tagged files will also be searchable.) Use the summary of your skills and experience section to provide specific information to attract the attention of hiring managers or agencies and cause them to view more detailed information in your resume. The information will be presented in one or more member profile/resume lists.

Please contact the with any questions, requests for assistance in completing the form or formatting the resume, and suggestions and feedback regarding this service. Very few STC chapters currently offer this service, so we are all in a learning stage about how to best implement the service and how to make it useful in the job search and placement process.

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