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For December 4, 2004   
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Welcome to the World-Wide Web site for the Boston Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC). STC Boston helps technical communicators, technical writers, editors, web designers, help developers, technical illustrators, instructional designers, information designers, documentation specialists, information architects, independent contractors, consultants, web content developers, web designers, knowledge managers, publication managers, marketing writers, webmasters, and other professionals in technical communication, technical writing, training, information architecture, information design, knowledge management, and other related disciplines. To learn more about us, visit the About Us page and view our online brochure. The brochure requires a Flash or QuickTime player on your computer to view it.

Upcoming Meeting

David Locke of Wordsmith, LLC presents a program about Designing Context Sensitive Help on December 15. David states that designing and implementing good context sensitive help (CSH) requires that writers and developers work together, writers know something about how help is implemented in code, and developers learn something about the goals and tools of writers. He will explore designing, developing, and implementing good CSH systems and will illustrate some common techniques-including API calls and hyperlinks-for linking user assistance and applications. For more information, visit the Programs page.

SIG Meeting

On December 8, the Technical Editing SIG will consider the definition of "technical editing" -- in theory and in practice. All who edit computer-related, engineering, scientific, medical, legal, financial, or other technical material full-time, part time, as part of other work responsibilities, or on a contract basis, or who are interested in doing so, are welcomed to come meet and share knowledge and experiences with other such editors, and to suggest possible program topics for the final meeting in May. Please visit the TE SIG page for registration and details.

SIG Meeting

On December 7, the Contracting and Independent Consulting SIG pesents Ed Alexander, business coach and frequent speaker. Ed will speak about effectively marketing yourself as a contractor and consultant. Ed's seminars are well-attended and highly praised by STC members and others. Some topics that Ed will cover are self-coaching for success, marketing yourself in person, marketing yourself on paper and online, role of agencies, and energy and attitude. Visit the CIC SIG page for registration and details. Also on the agenda: Exchanging job leads and job referral sources.

Nesletter Update

The full issue of the November 2004 Boston Broadside is available in PDF. Come and download it now!

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