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For February 14, 2005   
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Welcome to the World-Wide Web site for the Boston Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC). STC Boston helps technical communicators, technical writers, editors, web designers, help developers, technical illustrators, instructional designers, information designers, documentation specialists, information architects, independent contractors, consultants, web content developers, web designers, knowledge managers, publication managers, marketing writers, webmasters, and other professionals in technical communication, technical writing, training, information architecture, information design, knowledge management, and other related disciplines. To learn more about us, visit the About Us page and view our online brochure. The brochure requires a Flash or QuickTime player on your computer to view it.

Upcoming Event

Come celebrate the winners of the annual Boston/Northern New England Online Communication, Technical Art, and Technical Publications Competitions. For your listening enjoyment, the musical theme of the evening will be set by the BossTunes with an added performance by Steve Jong. To learn more and register, visit the STACIES page.

Member Benefit

As an STC-Boston member you can receive a 20% discount on Books from O'Reilly and Associates. Visit the Member Services page for details.

Upcoming Workshop

On Saturday, March 5, Steve Rosenbaum and Jim Williams will present a workshop based on their Learning Paths book. The workshop provides practical training techniques to bring learners up-to-speed quickly. For details, visit the Learning Paths workshop page.

XML Workshop

On Saturday, March 12, get a hands-on introduction to XML from Joel Sklar. The workshop will help you understand how to document, discuss, and work with XML when you encounter it in technical projects. For details, visit the Hands-On XML workshop page.

CIC SIG Meeting

On Tuesday, March 1, Ed Alexander, will speak about effectively marketing yourself as a contractor or consultant. Even if you missed Part I in December, you will want to attend Part II as Ed continues to present his upbeat and practical ideas for self-marketing. For more information and registration, visit to the CIC SIG page.

Online Information SIG Meeting

A-Z indexes are the standard means of searching within books, manuals, and online help, but are often needlessly replaced by on-site search engines in content-rich web sites and intranets. This presentation shows the advantages of A-Z indexes for web sites and how and when to implement them. For more information and registration, visit the Online Information SIG page.

Technical Editing SIG Meeting

On March 9, the Technical Editing special interest group will meet to discuss the editing function in CMS environments. Modern technologies and methodologies pervade technical communication today, raising issues that we will discuss to identify ten best "real-world" practices. Please visit the Technical Editing SIG page for registration and details.

Upcoming SIG Meeting

The AccessAbility Special Interest Group scheduled for January 26 has been rescheduled to March 8. Please visit the AccessAbility SIG page for details on when the meeting will be rescheduled.

Newsletter Update

The full issue of the January 2005 Boston Broadside is available in PDF. Come and download it now!

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If you have problems or comments concerning the Boston Chapter web site, please send e-mail to the following address: or give us feedback by completing our web site survey.

If you have technical communication questions or questions about the Boston chapter, please post them to the chapter forums.

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Benefits -- 9 votes
Job challenge -- 65 votes

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