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For February 9, 2005   
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Use this form to describe any technical communication job or internship you have open. An asterisk next to a field name indicates you must complete it before the form can be sent and your job posted.

The information you enter is mailed to the Employment Coordinator and subsequently added to our job bank. Please allow a few days for us to process your information. For questions about job postings, send mail to

Before submitting a position with this form read STC-Boston's policy for posting jobs and the internship guidelines. These pages describe how the job bank operates.

When your position has been filled, please complete the Job Removal form to have the job deleted from the job bank.

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Please send sponsorships, made payable to Boston Chapter STC, to:

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The Society for Technical Communication is a not-for-profit scientific, educational and charitable organization in the IRS category 501(c)(3). Please consult your tax preparer for advice about deductibility of sponsorships to STC.

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