Who is Jonathan Baker and Why is He Running for Director/Sponsor Region 1?????

Before I launch into a lot of whys and wherefores, I thought I would explain what the role of the Director/Sponsor is. Currently, the D/S serves as both a director of STC, that is, sits on the Board of Directors of STC, and performs functions as a sponsor or advocate for the chapters in a region. The D/S is elected to a three year term and may not hold office for successive terms.

What is the director role? The director helps decide the business and professional direction of STC. In this role the D/S attends and participates in the business meetings that STC holds in various locations.

What is the sponsor role? A sponsor is a liason between the chapters in a region and STC or the other way around, if you prefer. As the sponsor for a region, the D/S is expected to visit each chapter at least once during the course of the three year term. In addition, the D/S reports to STC on the status of each chapter at the business meetings. The D/S can advocate for chapters in terms of grants and other benefits STC provides. In addition, the D/S can guide the chapters through the process of developing and holding competitions, preparing entries for the STC PR competitions, Chapter Achievement Awards, and many other tasks. Also, the D/S helps organize and plan regional activities, such as regional conferences.

What type of person fills this role? Ideally, you would want a person with vision, leadership experience in both STC and chapter activities, and the ability to communicate. In addition, you would expect that this person would be a team player, who would understand and be able to articulate a positive view of STC and the chapters represented.

Who is Jonathan Baker? I have been in the technical writing business since 1986. I became active in STC-Boston Chapter in the early 1990s. Prior to becoming a technical writer, I spent a number of years freelancing editorial services to the publishing industry and later worked for a number of publishing houses editing and producing professional- and college-level books. My last publishing job was at Digital Press, a group within Digital Equipment Corporation. In 1986, Digital helped me make the transition to technical writing.

I worked at Digital until late 1992 and then, due to layoffs, made the transition from employee to contractor. Since early 1993, I have worked as a contract writer for numerous companies in the Boston area, including: Hewlett-Packard, Fidelity Investments, Pelago Networks, and most recently at EMC Corp. In 2001, I moved back into the ranks of employee as a Technical Publications Manager for EMC Corp.

In terms of my experience with STC-Boston Chapter, I have held many roles from being on the Program Committee to eventually being elected to the council and following the path into the executive roles in that chapter (Second V.P., First V.P., President, and Immediate Past President). During my tenure, we: moved the Boston Broadside, our award winning newsletter, from hardcopy to online delivery; developed and continue to deliver the premier chapter web site in STC; brought our finances back under control, and managed to provide those things our 1,100+ members have come to expect from our chapter.

Currently, I am filling an STC role as STC Publications Portal Committee Manager. You can see the results of the committee's work on the STC web site -- http://www.stc.org/member_pubs.html. I have also presented chapter-related topics at the last two STC Annual Conferences. And I am a recipient of the STC Distinguished Chapter Service Award and numerous Boston Chapter Service Awards.

And why is he running for Director/Sponsor Region 1? For the most part I am running because it is the natural progression, That is, most D/Ss come from the ranks for significant chapter contributors and past chapter presidents. On a more personal level, I am running because I see an opportunity to contribute and to add value. Some people call this giving back. I call it making things happen. I have a vision of STC as a collaborative, supportive organization for all technical communicators. The opportunity to educate and help others grow in the business that has nurtured me is one I can't pass up. I know that this sounds like a lot of Mom and apple pie, but the simple reality is that this is a something that I can do and that satisfies a deep inner need.

So, with that, please vote for Jonathan W. Baker when you cast your ballot for Region 1 Director/Sponsor.