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For December 16, 2004   
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Literacy Volunteers of Massachusetts

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Just imagine what your life would be like if you couldn't read your mail, the newspaper, a job application, a menu, or the directions on a bottle of medicine. In Massachusetts, there are an estimated 877,000 adults who lack functional literacy skills and an additional 1.2 million who lack the skills expected of a high school graduate.

We want to encourage you to get involved in our efforts to promote literacy. Sharing your time and literacy skills could help give the gift of literacy to adults in your community who want to learn to read and improve their skills.

STC Boston's Chapter has an ongoing affiliation with Literacy Volunteers of Massachusetts (LVM), a private, non-profit organization that trains volunteers to teach basic literacy and English as a second language skills to adults.

LVM is the largest provider of one-to-one literacy tutoring in Massachusetts, serving 1,000 adults last year through its network of 12 local affiliate programs across the state. Tutor and student pairs usually meet at a public library for two hours per week.

A potential volunteer placement is at one of the tutoring programs LVM runs at three homeless shelters in Boston. St. Francis House and Women's Lunch Place are day shelters in downtown Boston. Long Island Shelter is an overnight shelter serving 700 people per day.

The shelters need volunteer tutors to teach literacy skills. In addition, they have recently obtained computer equipment and need volunteers to teach everything from basic PC operation to word processing. They would also like to develop simplified instructions for the software programs they have so adult learners can use the software with minimal assistance.

Even if you are unable to volunteer at this time, there are other ways you can help: LVM is looking for additional locations in Boston to hold evening volunteer orientation meetings and training. The site should be near the T, handicapped accessible, and able to accommodate 25+ people.

If you have any suggestions for locations, or would like to get more information about becoming a volunteer and the upcoming November volunteer orientation, please contact at 617-367-1313.

For more information about this volunteer opportunity, contact:

STC Community Service Committee

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