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For February 9, 2005   
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Boston/Northern New England Chapter
2001 Online Communication Competition Award Winners

Online Merit


S1 Corporation
Wendy Boston, Chris Boucher, Ellen Williams, and S1 Corporation
S1 Consumer Insurance Product Overview Guide


Avid Technology, Inc.
John F. Verrilli, Marianne Burnham, and Avid Technical Publications
How ProEncode Works

Reference Material

BEA Systems, Inc.
Jennifer Hocko, John Smart, and Darren Carlton
BEA WebLogic Portal Guide to Building a Product Catalog


BEA Systems, Inc.
John Smart, Jennifer Hocko, Darren Carlton, Louise Breen, Matthew Brandabur, Solveig Haugland, Floyd Jones, Jennifer Worthington, and Paul Tepley
BEA WebLogic Portal 4.0 Online Documentation Web Site


Compaq Computer Corporation
Patricia A. Morin, Ben Orona, and Paul Ortolano
AlphaServer ES45 Engineering Training CD


Compaq Computer Corporation
Sandra Williams, Jim Syiek, and Ray Laurencelle
Compaq EVO D300V Service and Maintenance WBT


Compaq Computer Corporation
Sandra Williams, Jim Syiek, and Suzanna Dudley
Compaq EVO Workstations Service and Maintenance WBT


Compaq Computer Corporation
Paul Wittman, Ray Laurencelle, and Sylvia Vander Sluis
AlphaServer GS80/GS160/GS320 Installation and Maintenance WBT


Kudos Information, Inc.
Jeanne Proietti, Bonnibeth Rogers, and Jan Chernick
StorageWorks MSL5026 Library Service and Support Training for Compaq Computer Corporation

User Support Tools

Compaq Computer Corporation
Dean Becca and Ruth Feldman
Changing the Host Name Permanently


Compaq Computer Corporation
Blaise Corcoran, Mary Orcutt, and Susanna Ries
Deploying IPv6 in Your Network

Online Excellence


Rational Software Corporation
Mike Perrow and Marlene Ellin
The Rational Edge


Iris Associates
Christie Williams and Craig Lordan Iris Today Special Security Issue


Avid Technology, Inc.
Steve Mayer, Stan Sylvia, Terri Autieri, and Avid Technical Publications
Avid Newscutter XP v2.0 Online Publications


Media 100 Inc.
Elizabeth Crocker, Elaine Menchin, and the Tech Pubs Team
Welcome to iFinish


SolidWorks Corporation
Joe Rousseau, Joseph Campo, and Marilyn Kloss
SolidWorks 2001 Plus Online User's Guide


Autodesk, Inc.
Scott Coykendall, Beth Ann Paul, and LCSI Technical Publications
Autodesk Raster Design User's Guide

Technical Marketing

Vibren Technologies, Inc.
Joanne Bower and Robert A. West
Vibren Technologies Web Site


Compaq Computer Corporation
Doug Bonin, Alex Hart, and Devin Arnold
Counterpoint II: Compaq AlphaServer GS Series vs. IBM pSeries 680

Online Distinguished

Technical Marketing

Best of Show
Compaq Computer Corporation
Doug Bonin, Jim Griebsch, and MediaPerSecond
Compaq Supercomputing: A View of ASCI Q

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