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For February 9, 2005   
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Scenario for Technical Art Entries

When customers access your multimedia document for the first time, they probably have some pervious knowledge about the subject matter. Perhaps they have purchased your product or service, or are familiar with the documentation because they have printed materials.

In this competition, the judge who evaluates your multimedia document doesn't have this knowledge, so you need to provide some background information. How much you provide will depend on your subject matter.

To get the judge up to speed, include a brief (no more than two pagesjudges have only a few minutes to read it) overview of the multimedia entry. Put the judge in the place of your end user, potential customer, or Web user by considering these questions:

Who is the user?

  • If this multimedia entry supports a product, service, demonstration, etc., what is it and why would you have it? Would you buy it at the mall?
  • What would you already know when you started the product up? For example, would you be familiar with Windows? With mechanical engineering?

What is the multimedia document like?

  • Exactly how do you launch it on the computer where it is displayed for the competition? (this is very important!) For example, show a picture of the icon to click.
  • What features can't the judges see because they need the application or because they need special equipment?
  • What are the special features of the multimedia entry, such as videos, voice, or animation?
  • Did you have special requirements you dealt with during development?
  • If it's a Web entry, are there any browser considerations? For example, which browsers are supported (and your decision process for choosing).
  • Describe your original ideas or approaches in designing animation for this project.
  • What are you proudest of?
  • Why do you think this multimedia entry is a winner?

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