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Q: What is the History of the Competitions?

A: The Boston Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication was established in 1954. From its early days it was committed to the concept of the competitions, driven by the sizable number of high tech companies in the area. It was one of the three chapters in the countries holding successful competitions that inspired the Society to begin holding competitions at the International level. These began in 1970.

Locally the competitions have grown with the industry to include Electronic Documentation, including recently web sites, and Art competitions. The International level competitions included similar categories, with the addition of video.

Maintaining the high caliber of the competitions requires a high degree of commitment from a large group of people. However, the competitions continue to be a primary focus for the Boston chapter and we welcome offers of help and suggestions for improvement.

Q: What Happens to My Entry After the Competition?

A: Winning entries are displayed at several events throughout the year, and used as samples for judge's training. Others are offered to area colleges.

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