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To access the salary survey you need your Boston Chapter member login and password. Members of other chapters and non-STC member cannot access the survey. The login given to you by Society for does not work for this web site.

To log in and access the salary survey, use the following steps:

  1. Click the following link

    Read the salary survey

    Your web browser prompts you to log into this web site.

  2. In the Login field, enter your five-digit STC member number that appears on your STC membership card, and the address labels for Technical Communication and Intercom.

    If you can't find your member number, contact the STC office in Virginia at 703-522-4114, or send an e-mail to the Society's membership department at .

  3. Enter your last name in the Password field.

    Always capitalize the first letter in your password. If your last name is hyphenated (for example, Smith-Jones), capitalize the first letter after the hyphen as well.

If you cannot login after completing these steps, make sure you are not using your the password for You must use your last name as your password to log into this web site.

If you are a new member or you are renewing your membership after a lapse, you may not be able to login because your information has not reached us. It usually takes up to one month for the Society to update us. Please be patient. If you cannot access the site after one month, or if you'd like to confirm your information is correct, contact the chapter webmaster at .

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