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For December 16, 2004   
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As a new member of STC and the Boston chapter, you probably have lots of questions of about the organization and how it works. This page is designed to help answer some of these questions and guide where to look for answers.

Using the Web Site

As a Boston chapter member, you are entitled to access this web site's password-protected areas. Access is granted once we receive your information from Society. This does not happen immediately. It takes about one month from the time they receive your application and payment. If you don't receive access after one month, please contact to determine if you are a member of the Boston chapter.

Once we receive your information, access is granted automatically. To learn how to log in and access restricted areas of the web site, please read the FAQ page.

The Boston chapter web site provides the following information including:

Web Site Services

The web site also provides the following services:

It's Your Chapter

Remember the Boston chapter is only as good as you make it! If you have feedback, please contact one of the people listed on the Contacts page. For feedback on the web site, please .

If you'd like to help, please review the chapter job bank to see if there is an open position that you'd like to handle. If not, free feel to ask about a job you'd like to do. Even if we can't match you with a position, we want your input.

Above all, participate in the chapter by attending chapter events. They are a great learning experience and provide an opportunity to expand your horizons!

So have fun and enjoy! We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming meeting.

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