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For December 13, 2004   
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Helen Loeb Award

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The Society for Technical Communication and Northeastern University jointly established this annual scholarship in 1986 in memory of Helen Loeb, who died prematurely of cancer. Formerly of IBM Corporation, Helen Loeb was the founder of the technical writing programs at Northeastern University and served as the program director until the mid-1980s.

Under her directions, the university developed the highly successful Master of Technical and professional Writing program. After her death, STC and Northeastern University established a scholarship in her memory to honor the graduating student in the MTPW program who has the highest grade point average and offers the greatest potential for practicing the profession of technical communication.

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Past Winners

Karen Landis, 2003

Melissa Lawrence-Withers, 2002

Laura Keller and Mary-Anne Walsh, 2001

Amanda Barker, 2000

Karen Patras, 1999

Patricia J. Braidt, 1998

Lissa Story, 1997

Marietta Hitzemann, 1996

John Welle, 1995

Roger Tunsley, 1994

Greg Juhn, 1993

Julia Barrow, 1992

Ruthven Slawsky, 1991

Stuart Selber, 1990

Paul Barrow and Elizabeth Britt, 1989

Sandra Marxen, 1988

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