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Staff Photographer

The Boston Chapter needs at least one or two staff photographers. The photographer(s) attends chapter meetings, programs, and workshops to take photographs of the events. Availability for attending these events is a requirement. The photos are for the Boston Broadside, the chapter web site, and other chapter and STC publications.

The person(s) selected for this job should have some reasonable photographic experience. Familiarity with digital cameras and tools such as Adobe Photoshop are required.

A PC and an Internet account are required. The chapter will provide digital camera. The chapter will work with the job applicant to meet other requirements, such as Adobe PhotoShop and a CD-Burner for archiving photographs.

Time Commitment
Approximately 8-10 hours per month.

Contact Information

508-480-3628 (day)
978-443-3049 (evening)

Evening contact preferred.

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