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For December 16, 2004   
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Carol Landers Award Background

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The 1999/2000 Council for the Boston Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication has established this fund to honor Carol A. Landers' willingness to volunteer and her ability to draw in other volunteers and make them feel welcome in the chapter.


To annually recognize a volunteer or volunteers who have shown the same willingness and abilities as Carol possessed.

Nominating Committee

A Nominating Committee is established to manage the selection of a nominee. Three members are required to be on the committee, including one council member and two senior members of the chapter. The committee is required to:

  • Select a chairperson
  • Solicit nominations from the membership
  • Evaluate in a timely fashion the nominations based upon the requirements set forth in the nomination forms
  • Propose a recipient to the council
  • Negotiate with the recipient an appropriate award

Generally there will be one recipient chosen, although there may be more than one recipient if the committee so recommends and the council agrees. The committee chairperson is responsible for presenting the award candidate to the council and explaining the committee's recommendations, if any.


The council is responsible for:

  • Identifying appropriate Nominating Committee members
  • Supporting the efforts of the Nominating Committee
  • Confirming the award recipient, based upon the Nominating Committee's recommendations


The Nominating Committee will determine with the recipient an appropriate award. The chapter council recommends awards, such as: fees for the STC annual conference, fees for the annual InterChange conference, or other similar events. Professional courses that will be of value to the recipient are also acceptable In addition, it may be appropriate to award a library of books or software. The last option available should be a cash award and should be made only after all other possibilities have been reviewed.


The Nominating Committee should be formed at the first council meeting each Fall. Nominations can be made year round. However, the closure date for each year's nominations is to be March 31. The STC Boston Chapter council will vote at its April meeting on to confirm the recipient and the award amount.

The recipient is to be notified by the chairperson of the Nominating Committee within a few days of the council's vote. The recipient will receive the award at the June program.


The chapter Treasurer is authorized to open a savings or money market account as described below, in the name of "Boston Chapter STC in Trust for Carol A. Landers Scholarship Fund."

The size of all awards will be dependent upon the funds available in the Carol A. Landers Fund. Again, the council's preference in establishing this award is that the fund be self-sustaining and the award come from the interest earned by the fund, rather than from the principal of the fund.

Additionally, should funds grow to the point where more than one award can be made, it is the recommendation of the council that the funds should only be used to support volunteer efforts. By that we mean that it is appropriate to use the money to pay for food at volunteer events or similar items. The funds should not be used to cover normal operating expenses, such as the purchasing of computers or office supplies.

The funds are to be maintained in an interest-bearing money market account and other like vehicles and administered by the Chapter Council Treasurer with a goal of increasing the principal each year. The Chapter Treasurer is responsible for recommending to the Nominating Committee and the council the amount of money available for the award each year.

Other Uses for the Fund

In general, this fund is not to be used for other purposes. This fund may only be appropriated for other purposes in times of hardship.

Disbanding the Fund

Disbanding the fund requires a two-thirds vote by the current Boston Chapter Council.

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