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Comment from Jim Monahan: Thank God our profession has matured since those decadent 60s! The things we have learned since then! I think my fellow 21st century male tech writer counterparts have thrown off our chauvinist cloaks and know how to treat our female writers as equals.

Here's the deal, girls: we alternate years. One year at the Playboy Club, the next at a Chippendales-type place.

Wadd'ya think?

P.S. - Does the Playboy Club still exist? If not, all deals are off.
Comment from Bill Gruener: As a historical commentary, all the pictures from '67 record how we thought, felt, and acted--then. Today our annual outings are fun, and I hope, bias free and enjoyable to all, and I hope that our interests can be spicy at times but not in the profession or the workplace.

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