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STC Boston is looking for skyline photos of Boston for its chapter web site. Each photo must be an original, unpublished work taken by the person sending the picture to the Boston chapter. Commercial photos and previously published photos will not be accepted. Photos with a landscape orientation are preferred. All photos we receive will become the property of the Boston chapter.

The photos we have received are posted in the albums below. Some of them have been selected for use on the chapter web site. The others are posted here for your enjoyment.

The album, Photos from the Archives, contain photographs from the early days of the chapter. They have been posted as part of celebration of the chapter's 50th anniversary coming in October, 2003.

Photos from the Archives
Photos by Deana Collins
Photos from the Dallas Conference 2003
Photos by Margie Gooding
Photos by John Minniti
Photos by Catherine Morlino

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