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Disclaimers, Policies, and Procedures

(Updated by the Boston Chapter STC Council on February 4, 1999)
  1. Job postings for a company or employment agency do not in any way imply endorsement of that company or agency by the Society for Technical Communication (STC), the Boston Chapter STC, or the Employment Committee. Candidates responding to job postings on the Boston Chapter Web site do so on their own and are not screened or endorsed by STC in any way. The job bank is intended to be used for informational purposes only, and people who use the information must rely on their own judgment, research, and screening. The Chapter reserves the right to make changes to these policies at any time.

  2. The Employment Committee, acting in a voluntary capacity, has the right to limit the number of listings from any one company or agency. No company or employment agency can submit more than four jobs per month.

  3. Jobs posted in the job bank on the Boston Chapter Web site are limited to the following:

    1. Jobs consistent with that of the STC membership base (for example, technical writer, editor, illustrator, trainer)

    2. Positions located in the geographical area that the Boston Chapter STC serves (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and southern New Hampshire)

    3. Permanent, contract, or internship employment positions

    4. Positions posted by the hiring company or by an employment agency

  4. Jobs will be posted on the Boston Chapter Web site ( typically within one week of submission.

  5. Jobs will be automatically removed from the Web site typically after two months, unless the submitter notifies the Employment Committee otherwise.

  6. Job postings include links to the e-mail address provided in the job submission. Postings can also include a link to the company's or employment agency's Web site if this information is provided with the job submission. In return for this service, the Chapter requests that the company or employment agency provide a link from their Web site to the Boston Chapter STC Web site.

  7. Employment agencies submitting jobs must indicate that the job is an agency position.

  8. Job can be submitted electronically via the job submission form available from the Web site, or by mail to the Employment Committee. The job listing includes the following information: company or agency name; job title; direct or agency; permanent, contract, or internship; job description; skills; experience; education; contact information (name, complete address, phone number, fax); company Web site; date submitted; and comments.

  9. Job seekers can access the job list from the chapter Web site. This is the preferred method of access. Or, they can request job listings by mail. To receive listings by mail once a week for a month, job seekers can send the Employment Committee their mailing address. The service is free to STC members. The non-member fee for this service is $10.00 for the first month and $5.00 for each subsequent month (paid by check to the Boston Chapter STC and mailed with the request). If there are no new postings during a particular one-week period, the employment committee will not mail anything to the job seeker.

Boston Chapter STC Employment Committee

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