Boston Broadside
November/December 2002
Vol. 60,  No. 2
 Newsletter of the Boston Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication


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President's Message

Getting to Know Your Boston Chapter Committees Better

It Takes a Team

By Taryn Light

"Teamwork divides the effort and multiplies the effect!" (Anonymous)

During a rehearsal at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City, the renowned conductor Arturo Toscanini offered some constructive criticism to the featured soloist. She was too proud to accept his help, however, and expressed her resentment by exclaiming in anger, "I am the star of this performance!" Toscanini responded wisely and firmly, "Madame, in this performance there are no stars." The maestro made a strong point. The soloists, the chorus, and the orchestra all had to work together in harmony to produce the beautiful music.

This is also true of our STC Boston Chapter, which includes six officers, six Council members, and 18 committees (such as bylaws, employment, Internet, membership, newsletter, programs, and public relations). Everyone on the Council manages one or more committees. We also meet once a month to conduct the business aspects of our chapter. If you have questions or suggestions on how we can meet your needs, please contact us and let us know. We want to hear from you.

The following list shows the names of our committees and who manages them. Let the committee chairpersons know if you would like to help or if you have any suggestions for their committees.

Associate Fellows Committee Hans Fenstermacher (also Immediate Past President)
Bylaws Committee Steve Jong (also 2nd Vice President)
Community Service Committee (open)
Competition Committee Ellen Lidington (also on Council)
Corporate Sponsorship Committee Angela McAlister (also on Council)
Employment Committee Georgette Gagne (also on Council)
InterChange Conference Committee (open)
Internet Committee Rich Feitelberg (also Webmaster)
Membership Committee Anna Pratt (also Council Secretary)
Newsletter Committee Daphna Edgar (also Broadside Managing Editor)
Nominating Committee Jim Lidington (also 1st Vice President)
Programs & Workshops Committee Jim Lidington (also 1st Vice President)
Public Relations Committee Anne Louiselle (also on Council)
Scholarship Committee Ilana Sztaimberg (also on Council)
Special Interest Group Wendy Boston (also on Council)
Tellers Committee Hans Fenstermacher (also Immediate Past President)
Volunteer Committee Steve Jong (also 2nd Vice President)

Get Involved

Every committee has large or small opportunities for you to get involved. You can help any committee any time; there's always something that needs to be done. We are the largest chapter in the world and it takes a lot of people to keep things going. Please let us know if you have valuable knowledge and experience that could contribute in some way to our chapter. See the Get Involved! page for a list of current opportunities.

Speaking of current opportunities, did you notice there are two committees that need someone to chair them? If you have a passion to help others, then consider the Community Service Committee. If you possess management skills or enjoy training, then consider the InterChange Committee.

Networking Works

At our September STC program, everyone was scurrying around trying to find out what happened to their colleagues over the summer. Some were telling stories about how they lost their jobs. Others were sharing their job search strategies. Many were telling stories about how they had found jobs. Nearly everyone from whom I heard found a job due to his or her involvement with STC. If you haven't heard some of these success stories, ask a few people about them at our next chapter program.

If you are unemployed or if you are concerned that you might become unemployed, then get involved with STC. I'm not suggesting this because I'm the president. I'm telling you because I've seen the results of both professional growth and networking. Let me share with you a couple of success stories.

Last spring a West Coast STC member was moving to the Boston area. Although the job market was bleak, he emailed me asking for advice. I took him on a tour of our Web site and showed him the job bank. As soon as he arrived in Massachusetts, he applied for a job that was posted on our site, and he was hired within a couple of weeks. Recently, a Tech Pubs Manager asked me to suggest someone to work a contract for him and I recommended someone from STC. She is very pleased with the job and the manager. I'm beginning to feel like a matchmaker!

The Challenge: One Person, One Month

You, too, could be a matchmaker. If you have a full-time job, then I challenge you for one month to help one person. Find just one person who is unemployed and encourage him or her. Treat your friend to lunch or dinner so he or she feels special! Listen to your friend vent and be available during times of discouragement. Call to ask about interviews, mailings, or networking. Discuss job search strategies. And when your friend gets a job, celebrate the success. Then challenge your friend to help one person for one month like you did. I guarantee that allowing yourself to help just one person will be very fulfilling. You can make a difference. Take the challenge!

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones from the STC Boston Chapter Council!

Taryn Light, President of the STC Boston Chapter, is the Content Solutions Manager at ArchiText in Methuen, MA. You can reach her at .

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