Director/Sponsors' Reports

Fall in Boston

By Jonathan Baker

First I want to thank all those from the Boston Chapter who were involved in hosting the STC board meeting this September. The board had a wonderful time and a successful meeting, which Rob Houser, Director/Sponsor Region 3, has summarized below. I don't think there is a board member who will forget the Duck Tour and dinner at Legal Seafoods any time soon. So, again, thanks for a great time in Boston.

Second, after my first real board meeting as a voting participant, I find myself asking: "What do Region 1 members really want and expect from STC?" I have my own ideas, but I would like to hear yours. So, please, if you have questions, issues, or complaints, send me e-mail at . If you want to talk to a real voice, send me your phone number via e-mail and I will contact you directly.

Third, because of the economy, you will read in the Board meeting summary below about the themes that are repeating themselves everywhere: no growth, lost growth, reduced income, and so on. What you need to keep in mind is that this is a vibrant organization with a focused and dedicated Board and membership.

September Board Meeting Held in Boston

By Rob Houser

Membership, budget, and member services were the focus of the STC Board of Directors meeting in Boston on September 26-28, 2002. As with many organizations, STC is feeling the effects of a weak economymembership, the value of our investments, and conference attendance are lower this year. Despite the challenges from the economy, the board spent a significant amount of time addressing ways to increase membership and improve the quality of member services.

Before the official meeting, the board held a workshop that was facilitated by John Nardone. John is president of International and Media Worldwide for Modem Media. He is a world-renowned expert in marketing. John led the board through brainstorming and discussions about the future of the STC. You'll be hearing more about the results of that workshop in the near future, but we would like to thank John publicly for donating his time and talents to help us think more creatively about the future of STC.

The board took the following actions at the September board meeting:

The board discussed the following items at the meeting:

If you have questions or comments about the STC board of directors or any of the items mentioned in this article, please contact your Director/Sponsor.

Jonathan W. Baker is Director/Sponsor of Region 1. You can reach him at . Rob Houser is Director/Sponsor of Region 3. You can reach him at .