Boston Broadside
November/December 2002
Vol. 60,  No. 2
 Newsletter of the Boston Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication


Copyright © STC Boston 2002

K19: The Widowmaker
By Matthew Nankin
Technical Communications issues and the Big Screen.

President's Message
By Taryn Light
Getting to know your Boston chapter committees better.

STC and Chapter Web Sites Offer Diverse Resources
By Daphna Edgar
Take advantage of Chapter and Society Web sites.

HP Photosmart 7230
By Peter Bates
The HP Photosmart 7230 is a photo quality printer.

Choosing Help Authoring Tools
By Char James-Tanny
An overview of help authoring tools.

How to Use Lists Effectively
By Steven Greffenius
Using three types of lists for complex material.

Single Sourcing
By Ilana Sztaimberg
It's easier than you think.

It's a Car, It's a Boat, It's a Duck?
By Ilana Sztaimberg
STC Boston Council entertains the International Board of Directors.

How the Online Communication Competition Started
By Marguerite Krupp
STC-Boston paved the way for online communication competitions.

How many times has the STC Annual Conference (under any of its various names) been held in Boston? Check out the answer.

Ideas for Reinvigorating Chapter Membership
By Amy Anson
News briefs about Society actions.

Director/Sponsors' Reports
By Jonathan Baker and Rob Houser
The September Board of Directors meeting.

STC Offers Telephone Seminars
Learn new skills with STC telephone seminars.

Fall Programs Getting Rave Reviews
By Jim Liddington
You won't want to miss these upcoming programs.

Chapter Membership Reports
By Daphna Edgar
Members who joined, were reinstated, or transferred in.

Broadside Online Survey
Let us know what you like and dislike about the Boston Broadside Online.

Boston Broadside Staff
The STC members who bring you the Boston Broadside.

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