Program Report

End of the Year Banquet

STC Boston Chapter Sets Sail

By Anna Pratt

  Taryn Light and Hans Fenstermacher
  Outgoing Chapter President Hans Fenstermacher passes the torch of leadership to incoming President Taryn Light.
  Photo by Anna V. Pratt
Big Dig detours and rush-hour traffic could not keep determined members away from the Boston Chapter STC End of the Year Banquet. Nor could rain and drizzle dampen the spirits of those aboard the Lexington for the dinner and harbor cruise.

Attendees included incoming and outgoing Boston STC council members and officers, new Regional Director-Sponsor Jonathan Baker, several past presidents, members of various committees, many STC members, and family and friends.

Dinner followed cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, and guests were treated to a buffet selection of turkey, roast beef, Caesar salad, rolls, and cheeses. Desserts and coffee completed the evening's repast. Cruising past the U.S.S. Constitution and enjoying the city lights reflected in the harbor waters added to our dining pleasure.

With baseball caps worn backwards and sideways, future Vaudevillian stars James Light and Katey Welch treated us to a lively rendition of "Who's on First." They inflected and twisted the words just right! How can two such smart kids play so dumb? They were great!

Taryn Light and Hans Fenstermacher  
The Council presented Hans with a gavel befitting the accomplishments that he led the Chapter to achieve.  
Photo by Anna Pratt  
Once the laughter subsided, outgoing President Hans Fenstermacher regaled the group with a list of our Boston Chapter accomplishments for the 2001-2002 season, highlighted by our winning the STC Distinguished Chapter Award. Hans acknowledged the hard work that was expended by Chapter members and the direction provided by advisors and past presidents.

Hans then distributed tokens of appreciation for the past year of service to Council members and officers. Committee chairpersons distributed certificates of appreciation to their committee members.

With all due formality, Hans passed the baton of leadership to incoming President Taryn Light. To thank him for his year of service as president, Taryn presented Hans with a give from the Council: a gavel for the ages. Measuring 3 feet in length, the gavel acknowledges Hans' leadership in bringing us to the Award of Distinction and promises to impress anyone entering the room where it will reside.

In her first speech as president, Taryn spoke of the challenges that the chapter faces in developing a vision for the upcoming year. Taryn reminded the audience that this vision must lead to action and bring about positive change for the chapter. To best serve our members, that vision must focus on the needs of the membership. To do this, we need to look at providing more services for the unemployed, establishing student chapters, promoting Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and more. Watch upcoming editions of the Boston Broadside for messages from our new president. Keep an eye on our Web site for upcoming events and opportunities to help the Chapter achieve its goals.

Throughout the evening, incoming and outgoing officers and council members shared their memories and ideas with each other and with STC members in attendance. The boat returned to its mooring around 9:30 p.m., bringing our year-end celebration to a close.

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Anna V. Pratt currently serves as Secretary to the Boston Chapter STC Council. This is her second year on the Council.