Boston Broadside
May/June 2003
Vol. 60,  No. 5
 Newsletter of the Boston Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication


Copyright © STC Boston 2003

Boston Broadside Policy

The Boston Broadside is the newsletter of the Boston Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication. The newsletter is published at six times per year for the benefit of STC members. Note: By submitting an article, you implicitly grant a license to this newsletter to run the article and for other STC publications to reprint it without permission. Copyright is held by the writer. Any opinions expressed in the Boston Broadside are the opinion of the authors and not necessarily the STC or the Boston Chapter.

We welcome articles, advertising, and news about meetings, workshops, and courses that pertain to technical communication. When you submit an article, please let the editor know if this article has run elsewhere, and if it has been submitted for consideration to other publications.

Please send article ideas and articles to Daphna Edgar at .

Article submission deadlines are as follows:

  • August 5 (for September/October issue)
  • October 5 (for November/December issue)
  • December 1 (for January/February issue)
  • February 5 (for March/April issue)
  • April 5 (for May/June issue)
  • June 5 (for July August issue)

For information about advertising rates and procedures, contact Anne Louiselle at .

Advertising submission deadlines are as follows:

  • December 10 (for January/February 2003 issue)
  • February 15 (for March/April 2003 issue)
  • April 15 (for May/June 2003 issue)
  • June 17 (for July/August 2003 issue)
  • August 19 (for September/October 2003 issue)
  • October 14 (for November/December 2003 issue)
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