Move Over FrameMaker
By Peter Bates
Adobe's InDesign is a flexible and versatile tool.

President's Message
By Taryn Light
Looking back on a successful year.

"Design a Billboard"
By Carol Macbain
IdeaWatch and Online Information SIGs host a joint meeting.

"Global Shmobal: What's In It For Me?"
By Carol Macbain
Think globally, act globally.

Massachusetts to Host 2003 BELS Certification Exam
By Lori Gillen
Gain credentials in scientific editing and publishing.

STACIEs Awards Banquet, 2003
By Andrea Squires
The chapter recognizes excellence in our field.

Planning Successful Projects
By Mike Corrigan and Steven Greffenius
A formal project plan helps a team achieve its goals.

Letter to the Editor
By John MacNeil
A reader expresses a different view about the Andy Richter show.

Director/Sponsor's Message
By Jonathan Baker
Long-term considerations of structural changes.

Upcoming Events:
STC Annual Conference
End of the Year Program

Attention All Technical Writers and Artists
By Mark Decker
Get involved in 2003 competitions:
Call for Entries.

Training Site Needed.

STC Chapters Work to Increase Meeting Attendance
By Margaret Garcia-Nokes
Meeting formats, networking tips, and points system enhance chapter memberships.

Society Awards
By Christine Jacobs
Awarded to Marguerite Krupp, Neil Perlin, and Paula Berger.
New Senior Members.

Chapter Membership Reports
By Zohra Mutabanna
Members who joined, were reinstated, or transferred in.

Broadside Online Survey
Let us know what you like and dislike about the Boston Broadside Online.

Broadside Staff
By Daphna Edgar
The STC members who bring you the Boston Broadside.