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Start Your Annual Conference Planning Now By Visiting; STC Membership Soon to Hit Six Digits

By Amy M. Anson

Natalie Angier Named STC's 2003 Honorary Fellow

STC is pleased to announce that Natalie Angier will accept an STC honorary fellowship at STC's 50th Annual Conference (May 18 to 21) in Dallas, Texas. She will also be the conference opening session speaker.

Angier, a well-known science writer and Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, has written three books, including her most recent: Woman: An Intimate Geography (Anchor, 1999.) Woman was a finalist for the National Book Award and was nominated for the Samuel Johnson Award, Britain's most lucrative nonfiction literary prize.

Angier has written for many magazines, including Time, The Atlantic, Parade, Washington Monthly, and Reader's Digest. She began her career in science writing as a founding staff member of Discovery magazine.

Topics that she has written about range from scorpions, the human genome project, cancer research, queen bees, the courting behavior of dolphins, and orchids. Among the awards Angier has received for her work: the American Association for the Advancement of Science award for excellence in journalism, the Lewis Thomas Award for distinguished writing in the life sciences, and the General Motors international award for her writings on cancer. She was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1991 for her beat reporting at The New York Times.

The Society bestows honorary fellowships on nonmembers who have made exceptional contributions to the field of technical communication or to the Society. Honorary fellowships include lifetime membership in STC. Please join us in welcoming Natalie Angier to STC.

Register for the 50th Annual Conference at STC's Web Site

At, not only can you now find comprehensive information about the 50th Annual Conference but you can also access a dynamic online registration form. You can view the form at Once you enter your five-digit member number, the name and address fields are automatically populated with information from the STC membership database. (Note to members: To register at the member rate, you must enter your membership number, which appears on the address labels of Intercom, Technical Communication, and all other correspondence from the Society office. If you need to be reminded of your membership number, call the office at 703-522-4114.)

If you're looking for conference information, then the Web site will let you view all the technical sessions that are scheduled for a particular day. Session information appears in a printer-friendly format that includes brief descriptions of sessions, their locations and times, and the names of moderators and speakers. This information will be updated frequently with cancellations and room changes as the conference draws near. Keep visiting the site for the latest information.

STC's 50th Annual Conference (May 18 to 21 in Dallas, Texas) marks a great milestone in Society history: For half a century, STC has been promoting the arts and sciences of technical communication. In February, STC launched a Web site devoted to Society history at[email protected] This site features a technical communication timeline juxtaposed with a chronology of developments in science and technology. When you visit this site, you can contribute to a Web log to record memories of your experiences as an STC member.

The Web site for STC's 50th Annual Conference is up and running at The site will provide comprehensive, up-to-date information on educational and professional opportunities at the conference.

Complimentary Membership for Nonmember Conference Attendees

Nonmembers who register at the full conference rate for STC's 50th Annual Conference will be invited to join STCfreefor the remainder of 2003. The STC office will include an application for a complimentary membership with the conference registration confirmation receipt letter.

Keep In Touch with STC

The Society office encourages all STC members to update their membership information with home addresses, home phone numbers, or home email addresses. Many members provide only their work contact information, and the office often loses track of these members when they change jobs. To update membership information, complete the STC address change form at or contact the office at 703-522-4114.

STC Membership Soon to Hit Six Digits

Member number 100000 will be assigned to a lucky new member sometime in the next few months. This number marks a great achievement to STC's growing membership and to the relatively short time it took STC to get to member 100000. It was only in 1985 that STC began assigning membership numbers, upon computerizing its membership records. Since the founding of STC in 1953, more than 115,000 people have been members of the Society.

Member number 100000 could present a few challenges to IT staff at Society headquarters, however. The STC membership database and the log-on field for the members-only section of the STC Web site must be modified to accommodate six-digit membership numbers. So STC advises chapter and SIG Web masters and membership managers to examine their Web sites and databasesmember 100000 will soon be logging on!

Welcome, New Student Chapter:

The Arizona State University student chapter in Mesa, Arizona, is the newest STC chapter. It has been assigned to STC's region 5, and the chapter advisor is Barry M. Maid.

STC Membership at a glance

As of January 31, 2003: 22,222

Members in the US: 19,197
Members in Canada: 1,970
Members elsewhere: 1,055
Total Chapters: 154*
*Includes 35 student chapters

Amy Anson, a former Boston Broadside managing editor, is a senior editor at Forrester Research in Cambridge, MA.