A Brass Ring

By Taryn Light

The carousel of life lifts you up and pulls you down

while you travel in many circles.

Every now and then a brass ring appears.

This ring has many illusions:

it may be a career, a child, an opportunity,

or a loving heart.

Some look at a brass ring and are afraid to stretch for it.

Others get distracted and only catch its glimmer as it passes by.

Many never even see it.

Most are too busy holding on to what is,

rather than having the vision to see what could be.

When you see a brass ring, you have two options:

don't reach for it and be secure,

or conjure up the strength to grasp it.

For it may never appear again.

If you don't even try, you may console yourself

with the thought that perhaps the carousel

will continue and you will travel around once more.

Perhaps you will have another opportunity

to reach for a brass ring before the music stops.

And perhaps not.

When you see a brass ring, reach for it.

Believe in your ability to succeed.