Boston Broadside
March/April 2002
Vol. 59,  No. 4
    Newsletter of the Boston Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication


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STC Elections

Candidate for Secretary:
Guy K. Haas

By Guy K. Haas

I am a candidate for Secretary of the international STC because I believe communication and attention to detail are vital and that the STC could do a better job of communicating with its membership.

The Board of Directors does publish meeting summaries in a timely fashion, but sometimes upcoming decisions are not well-publicized. In most chapters, it is not difficult to attend a council meeting and keep abreast of issues. At the international level, the members have more limited access. The STC Forum at the annual conference is a once-a-year chance to raise issues and engage in dialog, and the cost of participating is rather high unless you live nearby. I suggest that we need an electronic venue where members can discuss matters that will come before the Board: not award-decisions, grants, and the like, but such items as certification, collaboration with other organizations, technical communications education, and member benefits. The Board or the staff could post a discussion topic, provide some background information, and allow interested members to ask questions and share viewpoints before the Board makes its decisions.

During the last three decades, I have served on the boards, councils, and bylaws committees of several organizations including social and alumni groups, homeowners' organizations, school and school district organizations, and my STC chapter. I often have served as secretary, as treasurer, as webmaster, and sometimes as presiding officer. Most of these bodies have had legal requirements about record keeping and reporting. I have sometimes drafted and often edited and amended the bylaws of the organizations in which I participated. Before becoming a technical communicator, I was a software developer, and served for several years on two programming language standards committees of the American National Standards Institute (now the National Institute of Standards and Technology). Please allow me to bring my detail-orientation to the office of STC Secretary.

Guy K. Haas can be reached at .