Boston Broadside
March/April 2002
Vol. 59,  No. 4
    Newsletter of the Boston Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication


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Society Level News

STC January 2002 Board Report

By Kitty Aughey

The Society's board of directors held their third meeting for the 2001-2002 year on January 25-26 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The board considered many initiatives and approved these actions:


The new Central Pennsylvania chapter was approved by interim action on January 22, 2002, given a $350 startup grant, and assigned to Region 4.

In Region 1, the Clarkson University Student chapter and the Region 7 Tri-Cities chapter were dissolved because of continued inactivity and regardless of the attempts to reactivate them.

Grants and Loans

A Special Opportunities Grant of $7,580 USD was approved for Dan Jones and Dan Voss for a study entitled "Marketing Technical Communication to High School Audiences: Creating a Tutorial for Teachers and Promoting a Writing Contest for Students." When the study is complete, a report will be published in Technical Communication.

A loan of $3,000 USD was approved for the Oklahoma chapter to host the Region 5 Conference scheduled October 4-6, 2002 in Oklahoma City, OK.

New Award Program

A new Society-level award program was approved to recognize Special Interest Group (SIG) members for their outstanding work and dedication. This new program will be known as the Distinguished SIG Service Award (DSSA). The first awards will be selected by the board of directors and awarded next May at the annual conference in Nashville.

Teaching Fellowship

The first Teaching Fellowship for Practicing Professionals for $4,000 USD was approved for Stewart Whittemore. The goal of the STC teaching fellowship program is to promote positive academic and industry connections and to make it possible for practitioners to help in the education and training of future technical communicators.

Standards Organizations

The board of directors strongly supports a greater role for STC standards organizations such as IEEE, ISO, and W3C. As a result, they approved membership and will support delegate participation in the US Technical Advisory Group (an organization that plays a supportive advisory role for the creation of ISO standards). The board also approved delegate participation in the W3C (STC already is a member of that group).

Several Chapters Change Names

Several chapters have changed their names since the last board meeting: the Sweden chapter changed to the Nordic chapter, the South Carolina chapter changed to the South Carolina Midlands chapter, and the Central New Jersey chapter is now the New Jersey chapter.

Kathleen B. Aughey is the Director-Sponsor for Region 1.