Web Site Review

Internet Resources for Technical Communicators (IRTC)

By Arifa Ghani Rahman

Editor's Note: This article first appeared in the November/December 2002 issue of the Nor'easter, the newsletter of the Northern New England Chapter of the STC.

Keith Soltys's Web site, featuring a wide range of Internet resources for technical communicators, is a rich haven for people in our field. Soltys, a technical writer for fifteen years from Canada, says that he began this site after a presentation on Internet sources at the STC Toronto Chapter in 1994. Since then, the site has continued to grow and provide a variety of resources for technical communicators.

The IRTC site contains myriad items to which technical communicators need almost daily access, including:

Articles for these sections have been written either by Soltys himself or submitted by other people in the field.

Simple and easy to navigate, with no loud colors or fancy graphics, this site provides links to all manner of information related to technical communication. The section on Desktop Publishing and Graphics, for instance, contains information on DTP; clipart; icons and images; tools used in DTP such as FrameMaker, MS Word, Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop; and links to sites with typography and font selections. Soltys marks particularly useful sites with a red 'Recommended' sign, so people do not have to hunt for the good sites. However, it would be in the audience's best interest to explore the wide variety of links that the IRTC site has to offer.

One recommendation for Soltys would be to include a short biography on the site so that users know this has been put together by a professional in the field, and is therefore quite reliable.

This site is highly recommended for both beginner and expert technical communicators and is also an excellent resource for IT professionals.

Arifa Ghani Rahman is the Managing Editor of the Nor'easter, the newsletter of the Northern New England Chapter of the STC. She can be reached at .