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January/February 2003
Vol. 60,  No. 3
 Newsletter of the Boston Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication


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Society Highlights

STC's 2003 Elections Are Nearing; About STC Brochure Is Sure to Inform

By Amy M. Anson

Renew Early To Vote Early

The annual STC election will be held in early 2003, and only those members who have paid their dues by the February 28, 2003, deadline are eligible to vote.

Ballots for the STC election are mailed in two phases. For those who have paid their dues early (by early February), ballots will be mailed around February 15. Those who pay their dues between February 15 and February 28 will have their ballots mailed to them around March 10. The election closes April 15, 2003, so renew early and vote early!

Preliminary Slate of Candidates for Society Office, 2003:

  • President:* Thea Teich
  • First Vice President:* Andrea L. Ames
  • Second Vice President:* Sandra W. Harner, Deborah F. Sauer
  • Treasurer: Mary Jo Stark (unopposed)

Director-Sponsors (one to be elected from each region listed, each for a three-year term):

  • Region 2: Victoria Koster-Lenhardt, Doreen A. Mannion
  • Region 3: Hary-Janos Bottka, Beth Tanner

Nominating Committee (Two to be elected, each for a two-year term):**

  • Kathleen B. Aughey, Rita B. Johnson, Christopher Juillet, John O. Shipman

* STC Bylaws specify that the second vice president automatically becomes first vice president the following year and the president the year after that. Thus, second vice president is the highest office to which a member is routinely elected.

** Members of this year's nominating committee are Michelle Ratcliffe (manager), M. Katherine Brown, Nan J. Fritz, John V. Hedtke, Deirdre A. Murr.

The Benefits of Membership, Explained in About STC

If you've been looking for information that clearly explains what the STC is, what benefits it offers, and how you can become more involved, then a new brochure, About STC, will point you in the right direction.

With its details on the numerous benefits that an STC membership provides, the eight-page brochure, which you can either print out or download from, is a great tool for drawing in prospective members and may even serve as a refresher for recent and long-time members.

About STC identifies the types of technical communicators that comprise the STC membership, such as Web designers, technical translators, and usability specialists. The brochure also describes the organizational structure of the STC at the chapter, regional, and society levels.

It also provides an overview of membership basics, ranging from grades of membership (student, member, senior member) to issues of Intercom and Technical Communication, to offerings on the newly relaunched STC Web site.

By reading the brochure, you'll get ideas on how to increase your involvement with STC. You may decide to join a Special Interest Group, volunteer with Competitions, or attend the STC annual conference.

And you'll also realize how much the STC has to offer, no matter what your current professional or personal focus isas employment resources, scholarships, research grants, and networking opportunities abound.

Amy Anson, a former Boston Broadside managing editor, is a senior editor at Forrester Research in Cambridge, MA.

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