Summary of the Sole Writers SIG Meeting

Held December 7, 1998 The work of Edward Tufte

Main Summary

The evening began with the theme of accuracy.

Many of you have seen the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) on television. Itís the fake entertainment version of wrestling that inspires great cynism when you consider that many people 1) watch it; 2) enjoy it; 3) believe that it is real wrestling.

In any case, broadcast television recently ran a pseudo-investigative documentary about the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) in which they claimed to reveal the collusion between competitiors in creating the fake stunts. But in fact, the documentary was really a promotion of the same.

All of which leads to a very choice quotation from the commentator, "If they didnít yell, kick and scream, this would look hokie."

Define Accuracy

Webster's Random House College Dictionary, 1991:


Overstatement, understatement, misstatement, and exaggeration are all factors to consider with respect to accuracy.

Opening Exhibits

We briefly touched on each of the following introductory exhibits.

Accuracy and Rosemary Verey's English Country Gardens

55 Emery Street


Hackos Letters

Ethics and the FNIC Marketing Brochure

Edward Tufte and the Smallest Effective Difference

Edward Tufte and the Quality of Thought

Edward Tufte and a Definition of Information Design

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