Summary of the Sole Writers SIG Meeting

Held December 7, 1998 The work of Edward Tufte

Sample Visualization Technique

The December meeting began with a visualization technique that recalled our previous "Brainstorming" meeting. Everyone was invited to close eyes during the reading of the following paragraphs. With eyes closed, they could imagine standing high over a pastoral scene, listening to the words and watching the terrain.

One characteristic of this group is that we take our time while learning. There is no hurry.

There is no hurry because we're interested in process:

The purpose of the group is to understand the process. The content of the curriculum is secondary.

We also choose to stand on the shoulders of giants, and Edward Tufte is one of those giants. A confident writer and thinker with a command of his materials that few can challenge.

Tufte teaches principles. He tells us his opinion, he backs it up, and he leaves us alone to agree or disagree.

There is no hurry in what we do. We are studying process. If we were in a hurry, if we did cover more ground faster, we wouldn’t have time to look around and enjoy the scenery. For us, the scenery is more beautiful, more vast, when viewed from the shoulders of giants.

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