Summary of the Sole Writers SIG Meeting

Held June 1, 1998 Meeting 9: An Evening of Art

The topic was An Evening of Art, and we combined food (courtesy of STC, Miriam Boucher, and Barbara Higgins) with refined conversation on the subject of art. After eight previous meetings that explored the creative process, this meeting capped the year; instead of looking for the Art in communication, we explored the Communication in art.

The main topics were music, painting, and performance art. And the main themes were the use of repetition and layering. Members of the group revealed how well the year's lessons had been learned:

We discussed virtuosity, wood-shedding, jazz, and literature. For example, the metaphor as a layer on top of a plot. Moby Dick isn't just a great fishing story. We mentioned the template aspect to sonnets, haiku, and the symphony; the forms repeat, the content changes.

The evening was a satisfying conclusion to this year's journey.

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