Summary of the Sole Writers SIG Meeting

Held February 2, 1998 Meeting 5: Current Trends in Page Layout Design

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On February 2, 1998, the SIG met to discuss Current Trends in Page Layout Design with several threads from earlier meetings; specifically, "layering" and "repetition."

Observation: We reveal ourselves through our writing...including our technical communications. We reveal the organizations and competiencies of our minds. We reveal how knowledgeable we are about the information.

Corollary: Our page design influences how we write and draw. The infrastructure promotes some communication and frustrates others.

With this in mind, the SIG used several techniques to promote awareness of our internal monologues during the meeting. Awareness of your own thoughts is a critical step in developing clear and organized communications.

Next, the discussion focused on the job title: Information Architect and another Tufte theme: big motion disguises small motion.

Page layouts were evaluated including:

Another Retraction

Peter incorrectly referred to architecture as an engineering discipline. Craig was quick enough to catch him in this. Enginneers and architects are often worlds apart.

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