Boston Broadside
November/December 2001
Vol. 59,  No. 2
    Newsletter of the Boston Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication


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Director/Sponsor Report

September 2001 STC Board Report

By Chris Benz and Kitty Aughey

Following the terrorist acts of September 11, the September 2001 STC Board of Directors meeting was held by teleconferenceinstead of face-to-face in Atlanta, Georgia, as originally plannedon September 21, 2001.

As a little background, like all board meetings, this one consisted of three passes:

  • An action pass, during which motions are brought forth to the board. For each motion, the board either approves it (with or without modifications), rejects it or requests that the motion be restated and brought forth at a later date. Also during this pass, actions taken by the Executive Council since the last board meeting are announced.

  • A discussion pass, during which various topics are brought forth for board consideration and discussion. Many discussion items results in action items for board and/or committee members, generally with the expectation that a motion or further information will be brought forth at an upcoming board meeting.

  • An information pass, during which board members provide information not otherwise covered in the reports they provided to the rest of the board prior to the meeting. This is also the time for board members to ask for clarification on information presented in other members' reports.

This article reports on results of the action pass. During that pass, the board approved:

  • The final budget for Fiscal Year 2002.

  • The dues structure effective 1 January 2002.

  • The following new mission statement for the Society-level Technical Editing Special Interest Group (SIG): "The Technical Editing SIG provides opportunities for members to expand their editing and proofreading expertise by serving as a forum for information exchange, professional support, and interaction among the SIG, STC, and the editing community at large."

  • The dissolution of the following chapters:
    • Fitchburg State student
    • Eagle (Denton, Texas) student
    • Saskatchewan

  • The following merit grants:
    • US$3,000 to the Northern New England chapter for a scholarship program at the University of Massachusetts. This scholarship will honor of Millie McGuire, founder of the chapter.

    • US$2,000 to the Atlanta chapter to create a new rèsumè database.

    • US$1,235 to the Central Ohio chapter to support its new High School Learning Program.

  • The following loans:
    • US$3,000 to the Southeastern Michigan chapter for the Region 4 conference.

    • US$3,000 to the Canada West Coast chapter to host the Region 7 Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in November 2002, subject to formal approval of the conference budget.

  • A financial recovery/special need grant of US$715 to the Netherlands chapter to cover past-due costs incurred for the March 2001 membership meeting and ensure the future of the chapter.

  • An increase of the stipend for the Industry Fellowship for Faculty and for the Teaching Fellowship for Practicing Professionals to US$4,000 each.

  • Julie Bommarito as the Program Manager for the 2004 STC Annual Conference to be held in Baltimore, MD.

  • Rhonda Stanton for a Journal Editor Fellowship.

The Executive Council approved the following since the May 2001 board meeting:

  • Pacesetter Awards for the Orlando chapter and the Mercer University student chapter. (This was a pro forma vote to acknowledge awards granted at the STC Annual Conference in Chicago in May 2001.)

  • Formation of the University of Wisconsin-Stout student chapter with a US$150 startup grant.

  • Formation of the Single Sourcing SIG with a proposed first-year budget of US$1,400.

If you would like to learn more about decisions made during this or any other board meeting, or if you would like to have a motion or discussion item brought forward, please contact your Director-Sponsor. For items you want addressed at the January 2002 meeting, please alert your Director-Sponsor by early December.

Note: Sincere thanks to Chris Benz, Director Sponsor Region 2, who compiled this report.

Chris Benz is the Director-Sponsor for Region 2. Kathleen B. Aughey is the Director-Sponsor for Region 1.