Boston Broadside
November/December 2001
Vol. 59,  No. 2
    Newsletter of the Boston Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication


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Mentoring: A Gentle Alliance
By J. Suzanna Laurent
Build a "gentle alliance" with an STC member.

Letter from the Editor
Daphna Edgar
September 11 sets a new reference point.

President's Message
By Hans Fenstermacher
A reminder of the awesome power of words.

Infoneering: Beauty and the Beast
By Bruce A. Sesnovich
The joys and pitfalls of infoneering.

Creating Interactive PDFs
By Mary Oliver Flebotte
Shlomo Perets will provide a demonstration of PDF problems, pitfalls, and deficiencies.

Benefits of Electronic Learning
By Bill Gruener
Interchange attendees learned how e-learning provides efficient, effective training methods.

Climbing the Ladder
By Kevin Thompson
Saul Carliner explains how to win over a potential employer.

What you put in&
By Kitty Aughey
Become involved in leading and supporting your local STC chapter.

Book Review
By Bob Boeri
Web Site Design Goodies provides some good guidelines for designing Web sites.

Announcements and Activities
Chapter and professional activities.

Call for Judges
Apply to become an IOCC judge.

Academic Pursuits
Scholarship applications are available.

September 2001 STC Board Report
By Chris Benz and Kitty Aughey
Recent actions of the STC board of directors.

Society Highlights
By Shiuwan Cheung
Info about Dewitt Jones videos, membership renewals, an honor fraternity for two-year and certificate programs, and a new SIG for Canadian members.

Chapter Membership Reports
By Sandra Hakkarainen and Anna Pratt
Members who joined, were reinstated, or transferred in.

Broadside Online Survey
Let us know what you like and dislike about the Boston Broadside Online.

Boston Broadside Staff
The STC members who bring you the Boston Broadside.