Boston Broadside
September/October 2001
Vol. 59,  No. 1
    Newsletter of the Boston Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication


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Society Highlights

By Shiuwan Cheung

STC's board of directors approved the following items of business at the spring 2001 board meeting, held May 12, 2001, before STC's 48th Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois. All amounts are in U.S. dollars.

Chapter and SIG Activity

The Northern Plains chapter was dissolved and its members reassigned to the Twin Cities chapter.

The formation of the Canadian Issues special interest group, with an initial budget of $1,500, was approved.


A teaching fellowship for practicing professionals was approved in the amount of $2,000 for Stephen Murphy.

Honorary Society

The formation of Alpha Sigma, an STC honorary society for students of technical communication who are enrolled in certificate or two-year college programs, was approved.

Chapter Achievement Awards and Chapter Pacesetter Awards

At STC's 48th Annual Conference in May, STC announced the winners of the chapter achievement awards and the chapter pacesetter awards. Both sets of awards are given to STC chapters that have distinguished themselves.

Chapter Achievement Awards

The chapter achievement awards recognize chapters for exceptional accomplishments in fulfilling the goals of STC. There are three chapter of achievement award levels: Chapter of Merit, Chapter of Excellence, and Chapter of Distinction. Chapter of Merit and Chapter of Excellence are earned awards; a chapter completes key activities and applies for recognition through its director-sponsor. Chapters that earn a Chapter of Excellence award can also apply for recognition as a Chapter of Distinction. After reviewing applications and nominations from director-sponsors, the STC board of directors selects one Chapter of Distinction recipient in each of the predefined chapter size categories. The 2000-2001 chapter achievement award recipients are noted below.

2000-2001 STC Chapter Award Winners

Number of Members Chapter of Distinction Chapter of Excellence Chapter of Merit
More than 600 Rocky Mountain Atlanta Alberta chapter
Boston Kansas City
Central Ohio New Mexico Kachina
301 to 600 Houston James Madison University (ST) North Carolina State University (ST)
Lone Star Piedmont
151 to 300 Southwestern Ohio Northeast Ohio  
41 to 75 Oklahoma Puget Sound  
Rocky Mountain
Southwestern Ohio
St. Louis
SuncoastTwin Cities
Washington, DC

Chapter Pacesetter Awards

The chapter pacesetter awards recognize chapters for highly innovative and successful activities. In contrast to the chapter achievement awards, which recognize chapters for exceptional strength across many activity types, the pacesetter awards are designed as one-time celebrations of excellence in the specific activity for which the chapter is nominated. The regional director-sponsor recommends chapters for the award; only one chapter and one student chapter per region may win the chapter pacesetter award. The 2000-2001 pacesetter award recipients in each region are noted below.

Region Chapter(s)
1 France
2 Belgium
3 Mercer University (ST), Orlando
4 Bowling Green State University (ST), Central Ohio
5 New Mexico Kachina
6 Southwest Missouri State University (ST), Twin Cities
7 Alberta
8 Aloha

For more information about the chapter achievement and chapter pacesetter programs, download the guidelines from the STC's Chapter Awards page.

Grants and Loans

  • A merit grant of $1,500 was awarded to the Washington, DC chapter to help publicize the Austin T. Brown high school technical writing scholarship competition.

  • A merit grant of $1,500 was awarded to the Washington, DC chapter to reactivate the Shirley G. Carter memorial scholarship fund.

  • A merit grant of $360 was awarded to the Central Ohio chapter to support Web hosting and promotion of IdeaWatch, a project currently in pilot form in STC Region 4.

  • A merit grant of up to $1,000 was granted to the New Zealand chapter to pay for shipping STC's international competition winners to their next destination.

  • A special opportunities grant of $10,000 was awarded to Thomas R. Williams, associate professor of technical communication, University of Washington, for a proposal entitled: "Offer Directed Experimental Research Opportunities in Visual Communication and Design to Undergraduate and Graduate Technical Communication Students at the University of Washington."

  • A start-up grant of $150 was approved for the formation of the Dakota State University student chapter in Madison, South Dakota (executive council action).

  • A start-up grant of $350 was approved for the formation of the South Carolina Lowcountry chapter (executive council action).

Shiuwan Cheung is the Society Highlights columnist for the Broadside.