Boston Broadside
January/February 2001
Vol. 58, No.3

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Technical Writring at SolidWorks is a Collaborative Effort

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Communicator's Toolchest Book Review: A Review of the XSL Companion

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Everyone expected that with the coming of the new millennium, there would be changes. Well, the STC-Boston Chapter is right in step with the Information Highway. Our award-winning Boston Broadside is now online! The Boston Broadside is now available to you in both HTML and a PDF version. What does this mean to you? You will be getting information through two formats: hard copy and electronic. You will still see a four-paged flyer of the Boston Broadside waiting for you in your mailbox every other month. This hard-copy flyer of the Broadside will be enhanced by the Broadside's online component.

By accessing the Broadside content online, you will find more up-to-date information (write-ups about chapter programs posted days instead of weeks, after they occur); links to resources related to STC or to technical communication-related web sites, and many other elements that the chapter is still working on. You can be assured that the Broadside will become a more dynamic resource for you. You will also find a helpful library of PDFs—Broadsides from the past couple of years as well as current issues. If there is an article you need to review from the past, please take a look at our web site. Let's thank our Boston Broadside and Web volunteers for their outstanding work on this conversion.


STC Info is moving with the times. Our current chapter membership is at 1147 members. Only 223 members subscribe to STC Info. The chapter uses STC Info to inform its members of STC programs, events, announcements of new features of the STC web page and important information to the technical communication society. As of this current membership renewal period, Society is asking members to include their email addresses on the form that they send in with their membership payment. Remember, during the year you can update your own information by going to the Boston Chapter's web site and enter your information in the membership update information area. When you update the Boston web site, this links to the Society web site in Virginia. You do not have to enter an update at both sites. With the Internet millennium, you can expect that chapter mailings will eventually be replaced by email announcements. If you do NOT want to receive information by email, you can unsubscribe. Please realize that email is the most efficient, economical way to communicate today.


Please register to attend our Technical Publications and Technical Art Competition Award's Banquet. This will take place on February 6, at the Thompson Country Club in North Andover. We will have great food, a great speaker, great raffles, and a great time! We will be raffling the latest copies of Robohelp and Framemaker. All proceeds will go to the Carol A. Landers "Spirit of Volunteering" Award and Fund.


With the Internet moving so fast, so is life. What would you like and what do you need from this STC Chapter? Our membership participation is extremely low. Unfortunately, we had less than 1% membership attendance at the STC Halloween Bash on October 13. This was our fundraising event for the Carol A. Landers, "Spirit of Volunteering" Award And Fund. We cancelled our WGBH Telethon because we had only eight members sign up. STC would get free recognition and advertising on the air, if we have 15 members or more participate at this event. Please look for the new time and date in the spring. Our monthly programs have less than a 6% member participation. Is it a time issue, or a chapter program issue? We ran a membership survey in November and December. We should have the results of this survey by early February, and get some answers. We have an excellent council that is willing and able to provide great programs and workshops. Our 2000-2001 Council is here to serve you please let us know what we can do. We hope you all have a wonderful and prosperous New Year!

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January 8, 2001