Boston Broadside
January/February 2001
Vol. 58, No.3

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President's Message

Director-Sponsor's Column

Technical Writring at SolidWorks is a Collaborative Effort

Competitions 2000 Awards Banquet: the STACIEs

The Edward J. Carbrey, Jr., Scholarship 2001 Application Instructions

September Program Report

September Membership Report

October Membership Report

Communicator's Toolchest Book Review: A Review of the XSL Companion

Boston Broadside Sponsors

Society for Technical Communication, Inc

STC-Boston chapter home page

Broadside Back Issues

October Membership Report

Compiled by:
Sandra Hakkarainen

Current Boston Membership: 1,137
Total STC Members: 23,004

New Members: 21

Thomas J. Aciukewicz
Barbara Bailey
Carlene Barous
Kristi Malen Caruso
Jared N.E. Crawford
Danielle R. Gobert
David Golden
Jean M. Jesensky
Adam R. Jones
Paul S. Kuzeja
Charles LoDuca
Patrick McCormack
Kelly M. Munroe
Kathy G. Pappas
Michael J. Radz
Maria E. Roges
Kathleen Santoro
Aarti SAntoro
Ronald L. Stux
Diane M. Tyberg
Karen G. Wojciak

Reinstated Members: 4

Lawrence Brennan
Michael F. Herman
Beth L. Lew
Alexandra E. Nelson

Members transferring in: 2

Robert J. Armao
Peggy Albrecht

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January 8, 2001