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For December 13, 2004   
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The Society for Technical Communication (STC) is an individual membership organization dedicated to advancing the arts and sciences of technical communication - it is the largest organization of its type in the world. Its 18,000 members include technical writers, editors, graphic designers, videographers, multimedia artists, Web and Intranet page information designers, translators and others whose work involves making technical information available to those who need it.

Through the efforts of a small, full-time staff and a large network of volunteers, STC promotes the public welfare by educating its members and industry about issues concerning technical communication.

STC is governed on a Society level by an elected board of directors. Membership is divided into eight regions each containing approximately 20 local chapters. In addition to the Society leaders, each local chapter elects a set of chapter level officers.


In 1953, two organizations concerned with improving the practice of technical communication were founded on the East Coast: the Society of Technical Writers, and the Association of Technical Writers and Editors. These organizations merged in 1957 to form the Society of Technical Writers and Editors.

In 1960, STWE merged with the Technical Publishing Society, which had been founded in 1954 on the West Coast. The merger produced the Society of Technical Writers and Publishers.

In 1971, the organization's name was changed to the Society for Technical Communication. Today, STC is the largest professional society in the world dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practice of technical communication.

Mission Statement

The mission of STC is to improve the quality and effectiveness of technical communication for audiences worldwide.

Getting the Latest Information

STC publications provide you with valuable information. Member contributions are encouraged.

The international STC office publishes the quarterly journal, Technical Communication. The journal contains articles and columns of interest to technical communicators.

The STC office publishes its newsletter, Intercom, ten times a year. This newsletter is a timely source of chapter and society-level news and professional articles. Member contributions are encouraged.


The STC Annual Conference is attended by professional communicators from around the world. The conference offers educational programs, seminars, and workshops where you can develop your professional skills. The conference trade show provides you with a look at the latest technology, and the congenial atmosphere lets you develop national and international contacts.

Local chapters also sponsor local and regional conferences.

Joining STC

To join STC:

  1. Display a PDF version of the application form.
  2. Save it to your hard disk.
  3. Print the file.
  4. Complete the form.
  5. Mail it with the membership dues to the address on the form.

For more information about STC, go to their international web site.

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