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For December 14, 2004   
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STC-Boston Web Site Policies

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The STC-Boston Chapter web site adheres to the general guidelines published by the Society for Technical Communication. The Society's guidelines cover topics such as religious, political and commercial endorsements, paid advertising, member privacy, design standards, and security. For more details on the Society's web site guidelines, download the guidelines PDF files from the Society's web site.

The STC-Boston chapter is a non-profit organization. As such, we do not accept advertising on the web site. However, we do accept sponsorships from individuals and companies to help upgrade and maintain the web site. Sponsorships above $250 can be acknowledged on the web site by posting the sponsor's logo or link for one year. Refer to our Sponsors policy for more information.

The web site adheres to the HTML 3.2 standard. The use of proprietary plug-ins or formats are not supported; however, open standards such as Java applets, JavaScript, cascading style sheets, Perl, PHP, Server-side Includes, or host scripts are permissible.

Exception: The chapter newsletter is posted in PDF format to maintain the look and feel of the paper original.

Content submissions should include the content itself along with an explanation of why the content would add value and a suggested location on the site. Send submissions via email to the Chapter's webmaster. For example, a submission might provide a URL to a new site, and would include a description of why and where it should appear on the Chapter's web site. Email submissions can include text, HTML, GIFs, JPEGs or PDF files. No other formats are accepted.

Acceptable submissions should pertain to technical communications and be of general interest to our members. Material beyond this scope will not be accepted. In addition, no copyrighted material will be accepted.

The Chapter webmaster decides whether the new material will be posted. If the webmaster decides not to accept the new content, he or she will send email explaining why. If accepted, new material is usually posted within a week of receipt. The material may be re-organized to fit into the web site templates and edited for grammar and spelling, but the content will not be altered so that the original meaning is changed nor will the webmaster add editorial comments. All material posted on the web site becomes the property of STC-Boston Chapter.


  • Issues of the Boston Broadside are posted at least 60 days after their initial publication date.

  • Events for other organizations are posted as time permits.

  • Company-sponsored meetings/seminars are not posted at this time. Companies wishing to have such events posted should contact the .

Send requests for changes to existing material via email to the Chapter webmaster. In general, content changes are posted within a week of receipt. Bug fixes are made within a day or two of notification.

Styles for the web site and site-wide changes are the responsibility of the Chapter webmaster. Site maintenance and self-contained large projects, for example, adding a bulletin board to the site, may be handed off to others.

This web site supports the use of Internet Explorer 6.x and Netscape Navigator/Communicator 7.x. Opera, Safari, and Netscape 4.x may also work but officially, we do not support these browsers. If you are have difficulty viewing material on this web site, please upgrade your browser before reporting the error. Thanks.

All content on the web site is indexed locally by the site's search engine and by commonly-used search engines, such as Google. Password-protected areas are not indexed.


    Member profiles, while password-protected, are designed to be searched so that people can find employment. For this reason, member profiles are indexed.

All comments are welcome. Direct all comments to the .

The opinions expressed by contributors to the STC-Boston Chapter web site are solely those of the individual writers and do not reflect the opinions of STC, the members of the STC administrative council, or STC World Wide Web volunteers.

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