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For February 9, 2005   
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About the Boston Chapter

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With over 1000 members, the Boston Chapter is currently one of the largest chapters in the Society for Technical Communication (STC). Along with the Association of Technical Writers and Editors, based in New York City, the Boston Chapter, incorporated in 1953, is recognized as a founding chapter of STC.

Today, the chapter continues to provide direction and leadership to local and international technical communicators by providing:

Accessing the Latest Information

The Boston Chapter publishes the Boston Broadside six times a year. This newsletter includes timely and informative articles written by local and national members. The newsletter also lists upcoming chapter events. Members are encouraged to submit articles and to help produce this award-winning newsletter.

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Activities for Professional Development

The Boston Chapter is committed to providing members with a wide variety of professional development activities. When you participate in any one of our programs, workshops, or special interest groups (SIGs), you gain the knowledge and skills you need for your professional growth.

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The monthly programs offered by the Boston Chapter give you an opportunity to meet with other technical communicators, to exchange ideas, to learn about new trends and technology, and to enjoy conversation. Recent programs have explored a wide range of timely subjects, such as:

  • On-line documentation
  • Tools and technology
  • Human factors
  • Technical writing
  • Visual communication

The Boston Chapter constantly evaluates participant questionnaires to ensure that topics meet members' needs.

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Each chapter workshop is an intensive, hands-on session that offers in-depth study of a technical subject to a small group of participants. All workshops are presented by subject matter experts and are held three or four times a year. The skills you learn here can help you overcome the problems you encounter in your work.

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Special Interest Groups

The Boston Chapter sponsors many Special Interest Groups, which are designed to meet the specialized needs of our members. As a member of the Boston Chapter, you can belong to as many SIGs as you like.

Currently the following SIGs are available:

  • Consulting and Independent Contracting
  • Internationalization
  • Online Information
  • Technical Editing
  • AccessAbility
  • Idea Watch

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Competitions for Showcasing Your Work

The Technical Publications, Art, and Electronic Documentation Competitions are sponsored by the Boston Chapter. This annual event recognizes outstanding achievements in technical communication. You are invited to enter your work or to volunteer as a judge. Both activities are great ways to gain recognition and to review the latest trends in technical communication. In addition, entrants who receive the Distinction Award attend the international competitions, where they will compete with members from other chapters.

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Opportunities for Getting Involved

When you join the STC, you contribute to your professional development. And when you participate in the work that goes into the STC programs and events, you make that experience even more valuable. You can help organize programs, work on the newsletter, or help judge the competitions. Or you can sponsor an event. Get involved and see what's new in technical communication.

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